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Craig Gray


Craig Gray is a Krav Maga Black Belt Instructor with over 35 years experience in martial arts and defense. He is currently the highest ranked IKI Krav Maga Instructor outside of Israel. He is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for numerous law enforcement agencies as well as nationally syndicated Frontlines of Freedom Military / Veteran Talk Radio Show and WZZM 13. Craig is responsible for creating the MCOLES (Michigan Commission of Law Enforcement Standards) approved Self Defense for Law Enforcement Training Program. He is one of five key instructors with Resolution Group International, a conflict resolution training organization developed for the needs of military, law enforcement & civilian organizations.  He is also a  former adjunct instructor for the hand to hand tactics and warrior ethics program at the Homeland Security and Protective Services Academy within the Gerald R. Ford Job Corps. Craig is the head instructor for Ronin Martial Arts Academy and serves as education director for Her Survival Guide and the PeaceWalker Project, organizations that teach conflict management skills to a wide variety of educational, health and security professionals. Krav Maga is the official hand to hand / hand to weapon tactical system taught to Israeli military and law enforcement agencies.

Craig has been featured in numerous professionally produced videos and other training materials regarding defensive tactics, conflict communications, leadership and empowerment.


RGI Combatives Volume 3
   RGI Combatives Volume 2

Craig is also a leading authority on Leadership, Life Empowerment, Conflict Management and Tactical Defense. A world class expert helping people to live more empowered, fulfilling lives while confronting the sometime serious challenges put forth by today's world. Craig is a speaker, trainer and Subject Matter Expert (SME) for numerous law enforcement agencies as well as Nationally Syndicated Talk Radio Show Frontlines of Freedom & WZZM TV 13 Web Community. Craig is one of twelve hand picked instructors with Resolution Group International a conflict resolution training organization developed for the needs of military, law enforcement and business organizations. Craig is responsible for creating the MCOLES (Michigan Commission of Law Enforcement Standards) approved Krav Maga Self Defense for Law Enforcement Training Program. He is a former adjunct instructor for the warrior ethics and hand to hand combatives at the Homeland Security and Protective Services Academy within the Gerald R. Ford Job Corps. Craig also serves as education director for Her Survival Guide an organization that teaches empowerment skills, risk management and conflict resolution skills to college bound girls and their mothers.

Craig's programs can move an audience like few others, he offers memorable presentations, combining outstanding content with inspiration, passion and flair. Craig supercharges his audience to take action. Thousands of people find Craig's classes, workshops and key note presentations to be enlightening, entertaining and transformational. Craig's ground breaking program: The PeaceWalker Project Leadership & Conflict Management Program not only reveals how to manage a vast spectrum of conflict, more importantly it teaches how to live, lead & inspire a more empowered life. Through a cutting edge activity based learning approach the PeaceWalker skills can be absorbed much more effectively than traditional teaching styles. The benefit of this is that the participants can learn how to effectively use and teach the PeaceWalker Program in an amazingly short period of time. 

Craig has taught hundreds of seminars and workshops throughout the United States. Over the past two decades he has addressed numerous private and government organizations on leadership & empowerment skills and defensive tactics. His presentations are interactive, informative and entertaining. His business, teaching and real world experiences as well as an extensive background in martial arts, give him a unique and interesting perspective to share in his presentations.


Some organizations & personnel Craig has worked with:


Law Enforcement:

Camden County Police Department, New Jersey

Michigan Department of Corrections

Members of The United States Secret Service

West Michigan Criminal Justice Training Consortium

Allegan County Sheriff's Department

City of Grandville Police Department

City of Walker Police Department

City of Norton Shores Police Department

City of Cedar Springs Police Department

Covert Township / Van Buren County Police Department

City of Allegan Police Department

Kent County Sheriff's Department

Members of the New Jersey State Police Department

Members of the Atlantic City Police Department

Members of the Federal Marshal Service

Many others... 


Mental Health Facilities:

Michigan Counseling Association

Michigan School Counselors Association

West Michigan Counseling Association

Hope Network

Wedgwood Counseling Services

Employee Assistance Center

Pine Rest

Arbor Circle 

The WellBeing 

Third Coast Counseling 


Non-Profit Organizations:

Mel Trotter Ministries

The Conquerors International Strength Team

Girl Scouts of America

Walker Senior Association



West Michigan Small Business Breakfast Club



Grand Valley State University

Calvin College

Grand Rapids Public Schools

Caledonia Public Schools

Comstock Park Public Schools

Creston Christian Schools

Timberland Charter Academy - Muskegon, MI

Rockford Community Education

Sparta Community Education

Job Corps (Florida, Grand Rapids, Flint)

Caledonia Public Schools

West Michigan Environment Science Charter School


Government Organizations:

Gerald R. Ford Job Corps.

Michigan Association of Housing Officials

Monmouth County Parks Service

Members of the United States Secret Service

Members of the United States Department of Defense

Members of the United States Marine Corp.

Members of the United States Air Force

Members of the United States Army

Members of the United States Navy

Members of the National Guard 



The Amway Corporation

DTE Energy

Elders Helpers

The Gilmore Collection

The B.O.B.

Cascade Engineering

Riverfront Fitness Center

Michigan Athletic Club

East Hills Athletic Club

Westside Fitness




Assistant Instructors:



 From L to R: Ryan Ruffini, Chris Cohee, Craig Gray, Todd Hendricks, Larry McDonald



Chris Cohee:

Chris has been training at our academy since 2009 and received his Black Belt (Level 7) in March 2016. Don't let Chris's humble demeanor fool you, he brings a tremendous amount of experience with him from decades of martial arts training. He is an expert at empty hand, stick and knife fighting. We are fortunate to have him at our academy.



Chris (L) in action at one of his tests.



Ryan Ruffini:

Ryan began training with us in 2010. He received his Brown Belt (Level 6) in March of 2016 and is an Assistant Instructor with us. Currently he works in the security field and has a background as an emergency response technician.

We'll have to work on getting a better pic of Ryan, but until then this one of him at one of his test's will have to do!



Todd Hendricks:

Todd began training Krav with us in 2010 and is currently a (Level 5) Blue Belt Practitioner & Assistant Instructor at our academy. He was no stranger to martial arts, he has trained for years when he was younger. He was drawn to Krav Maga because of the straight forward approach of dealing with physical encounters. He came to especially appreciate our academy because of the way we introduce how to be an ethical protector and integrate that ethic into everything we do.

Through hard work and training, he is developing into a great instructor, which is no surprise because of his background in teaching. He has a Masters in Education and is the Dean of Academic Affairs at an local middle school. He is married to a wonderful lady and is the father of two beautiful girls. 


Here are a few of his favorite sayings:

- You reap what you sow.
- It is not what you say but how you say it.  Sometimes you need to speak the language that people understand.
- Just keep going, there is no end, you will either continually improve or quit, so keep going!
- It's not how hard you can get hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. (Rocky Balboa)




Larry McDonald:

Larry started with us in 2012. He rose through the ranks quickly because he works hard attending class 3x per week and comes to pretty much every seminar. In July of 2016, Larry received his Blue Belt (Level 5) Practitioner and is an Assistant Instructor here. He has a certificate of completion from many of our certification courses including: The Peace Walker Project, Leadership-Conflict Management Course, Essence of Krav Maga Course, Krav Maga 2.25  Dangerous Places Course and Resolution Group International’s Ethical Protectors Course.  He has experience in Aikido and Tang Soo Do and is a Veteran having served in the U.S. Army for 8 years as a Drill Sargent and Tank Commander. He is also a Tactical Firearms Instructor.

Marc Specter:

Marc is a Blue Belt (Level 5) Practitioner and Assistant Instructor with Ronin Krav Maga. He is evolving into a fine instructor and has much to offer students. Having an eye for safe training Marc is both open minded and considerate toward others as he creates a wonderful learning environment. I am honored to have him here at the academy.